Key Features:
• Naturally-derived, plastic-free and biodegradable
• Presentable - vivid color, high gloss and transparent appearance
• Low permeability and excellent dead-fold - perfect for food wrapping
• Versatile and durable - great for crafting or decoration
• Assorted Colors – 48 x A4 sheets of 6 colors

Cellulose Film is a sustainable, biodegradable and durable alternative to plastic wrap. With consistent bright colors and excellent dead-fold, this film is perfect for displays, crafting, gift and sweet wrapping, and even decorating windows!

What Is Cellulose Film?
Cellulose Film is made using naturally derived plant material, making it both biodegradable and more environmentally friendly to produce than plastic-derived alternatives.

A biodegradable design means the film will quickly and safely break down into the earth once disposed of, without harming the atmosphere or environment. Although it is not accepted for recycling, you can rest assured that cellulose film won’t spend years sitting in landfill when thrown away. In fact, the film will break down in just a few weeks in a compost bin so you can use it for temporary or short-term applications guilt-free.

Cellulose vs Plastic
As the world tries to reduce its plastic consumption, cellulose film makes an excellent alternative that provides all the same benefits. It has low permeability to air, water, oil, grease and bacteria, will not unfold spontaneously, and will not stretch or easily rip for a durable and consistently colored finish. The film is also heat resistant and naturally anti-static for easy use.

These benefits make cellulose film particularly ideal for food wrapping, keeping your sweets, chocolates and biscuits safe and well-presented. Although the colors appear vivid and glossy for maximum impact, the film remains transparent so the contents can be admired.

Sheets vs Rolls
In handy A4 size, these film sheets are much more convenient than film rolls, particularly in classrooms or when working with children. As they are already neatly cut to equal size, you eliminate time-consuming measurements, reduce wastage, and ensure well-presented edges every time for a professional finished product. Young children can also use this film unsupervised as they won’t need to cut it from a roll.

Also unlike a roll of film, pre-cut sheets allow everybody to create at the same time without having to wait their turn. This is especially useful in classrooms, as is the easy storage – at standard A4 size, the film will fit in nicely with any paper in your trays or cupboards.

Versatile Uses
This versatile film is also useful for protecting and personalizing book covers such as diaries and scrapbooks; decorating windows with a stained-glass effect to set a mood or create a theme; adding to displays for a glossy, colorful background; or scrunching up to stick on your crafts for that 3D effect.

Whether you are decorating your school or making your own tin of Christmas chocolates, you are sure to find lots of fun uses for cellulose film!

Colors Included:
• 8 x Green
• 8 x Purple
• 8 x Red
• 8 x Blue
• 8 x Yellow
• 8 x Pink

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