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These Dry Erase Blocks are great for creating your own fun and games by drawing pictures, writing letters, words, phrases, numbers or a combination of them all. Roll, pass or toss blocks for many different...


Durable molded bright yellow plastic clock with bright red hour and minute hands, and bright blue second hand. Large 12/24-hour markings and 60-minute smaller markings make it easy for the student or teacher to demonstrate...


Educational Toy Cotton Reels will add a burst of color to your creative fun!  Chunky threading cord along with the cotton reels so kids can start threading and stacking with ease. It will encourage hand-eye...

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Educational Toy Numbers Set comes in a handy storage container with 55 pieces of transparent numbers including the addition, subtraction and equal symbols. This set in 4 bright transparent colors catches kids' attention and inspire...


Educational Toy Geometric Solids allows young children to explore geometry volume and other Math concepts. Transparent 3-D shapes fashioned in bright, bold colors, and easy to clean. There's magic to be found in new Math...


Educational Toy Buttons Colossal Size is a pack of extra large buttons in assorted shapes and bright colors with holes ideal for threading. Ideal products for a range of craft activities and model making. Fantastic quality...


Dice Fraction - Numerator = 1 Dice Fraction - Numerator = Denominator-1 Size: 16mm Color: White


6 Mathematical Signs  +, -, ÷, x, =, > Size: 16mm cube Color: White


Comes in black, white and red  colors. Sold individually.


Comes in a pack of 7 dices. Dices are assorted in sizes.  


Comes with 2 signs + and  - Size: 16mm Colors: Black and White Sold individually


Size: 6-sided 16mm cube  Colors: Black, White, Blue, Green, Red Packaging: Pack of 10 (Assorted Colors)

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