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Length : 20m Comes in widths:  SKU MK-48, 48 mm (2") SKU MK-24, 24 mm (1") SKU MK-18, 18 mm (3/4") SKU MK-12, 12 mm (1/2") Also available in a shorter length of 15 yards (13m): Comes in widths: ...


Good quality sticky tape. Size: 18 mm x 30yds (27.4m) Core size: 1"


Double-sided tape Comes in 2 sizes: SKU: DST-12/10 - Width 12mm, Length: 10m SKU: DST-18/13 - Width 18mm, Length: 13m


Size: 48mm x 100m Comes in clear.


Colored Design Tape comes in 3 attractive rolls of sticky tape including a dispenser. Each pack has 3 rolls made up of an orange-& white strip tape, a green base with small white dots, and...


Make any surface adhesive with these 3 rolls of Double-Sided Removable Tape with protective liner. Just cut to desired length. Use 4 inches for each 1/2 pound of weight to be mounted. Use only for...

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