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This Large Craft Mask is lightweight, strong and flexible, left blank for you to decorate with ready-cut eye holes and elastic to hold them in place. The surface of the Large Craft Mask is paperboard...


PAC4650 Use crayons, markers and paint to decorate these masks. Thread elastic cord or pipe cleaners through the holes in the sides, and the masks are ready to wear! Large pack size is perfect for...


Fold up and tape for easy-to-make 3-dimensional masks. Decorate with markers, foam, paint and more! Contains 40 masks.


Fold up and tape for easy-to-make 3-dimensional masks. This classroom pack includes 24 masks (4 each of 6 designs) and a teacher's guide! Designs include: African, Aztec, Egyptian, Japanese, North American Bear and Venetian. Packaging:...


These four different foam faces in multi-cultural colors can be decorated with markers or paints, and can also be glued. Wiggle Eyes and are a perfect finishing touch. Sizes range from 7" to 8". Pkg...


Everything to create and decorate 24 foam masks! This kit includes six foam masks of four different styles, stretch cord, feathers, glitter glue and sequins. Mask colors include: Black, Pink, Purple, Red, Orange and Yellow.

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