Educational Toy Fractions Wall helps children to visualize how fractions relate to each other in size. It’s a great tool to start talking about fractions. Ask questions – how many quarters in a half? How many eights in a half?

Number Lines : Number lines can also be another useful tool when talking about and discussing fractions.

Ask students to label fractions – a quarter, a half, three quarters. Perhaps even advance to a 0-2 number line as sometimes seeing fractions in the larger context of integers can really help.

Combine them! Combining a fractions wall and number line can help things click!

As integers, decimals, fractions even ratios are all different sides of the same coin, understanding this is key to Math mastery and fluency. Sometimes showing the same information but in a broader context can really help some children. Conforms to UK and European national curriculum bringing some interesting challenges.

Use in Language: Fractions are not things. They are not tangible objects. They are an adjective of quantity. As such, children can’t touch them and so can find them really hard to grasp. Giving real life context for fractions is so important early on.

Educational Suggestions:
- Get children to use fractions in a sentence and then question what they meant. – I ate half a cake.
- What would changing the fraction mean? I ate a quarter of the cake.
- What does that mean in relation to the first sentence?
- If they can use fractions within English then they are starting to get a foundation.

Conforms to UK national curriculum relative to European countries brings some interesting challenges.

 Size of Fraction Wall: 20.5cm x 23cm, 51 pieces

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