Giorgione Gouache Watercolors offers a wide range of vibrant colors. These highly pigmented watercolors makes it perfect for creating striking and eye-catching artworks. The color selection includes primary, secondary, and tertiary hues, as well as a variety of tints and shades.

Gouache watercolor paint set provides excellent coverage, allowing artists to layer colors and achieve smooth, opaque results. The opacity of the paint ensures that the underlying layers do not show through, resulting in a clean and professional finish.

Gouache watercolor, being water-based, dries quickly and can be easily rewetted as required. It's perfect for mixed media work, as it blends well with color pencils, inks, and acrylics. Artists can dilute the paint with water to achieve various effects, and even after drying, it remains easily reworkable, allowing for adjustments and modifications.

This paint is most effective on paper, boards, wood, and primed canvasses. It caters perfectly to the needs of professional artists, graphic designers, illustrators, and fine art students.

Available in 16 color set or 24 color set:

- G-1600 : 16colors of vibrant attractive gouache watercolors
- G-2400 : 24colors of vibrant attractive gouache watercolors

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