Key Features:
• Student quality water-based acrylic – can produce oil or watercolor effect
• Highly pigmented for good coverage, consistent opacity and vivid color
• Suitable for use on almost all types of surfaces
• Metallic color dries to a strong lustre finish
• Non-toxic and fully intermixable – perfect for kids

• Each pack contains 6 x 150ml bottles: 2 x Gold, 2 x Silver, 1 x Bronze, 1 x Copper

Made in United Kingdom.

Scolamelt by Scola is a water-based acrylic paint range with low viscosity and excellent coverage, making it an ideal introductory option for schools. The highly pigmented formula is versatile for use on many surfaces, and will help your money go much further than cheap economy alternatives that often contain no acrylic at all. This stunning silver paint will leave a molten metal sheen perfect for Christmas crafts or depictions of historical artefacts.

What is Acrylic Paint?
Acrylics are the preferred choice in schools for their versatility, durability and solvent-free, low-toxicity formulas, and provide a great alternative to traditional oil-based paints. As a water-based paint, Scolamelt can be applied easily, used either by squeezing straight from bottle, or thinning with more water for greater coverage. With either method, the buttery consistency and excellent adhesion of Scolamelt will allow the paint to glide over a surface in large, sweeping strokes, leaving behind bold, strong colour that is guaranteed to turn heads.

Why Scolamelt?
As a water-based acrylic, this paint is highly pigmented and less viscous than standard acrylics. This means your paint will flow from the brush for quick and easy use by beginners, and will cover larger areas without sacrificing opacity, thickness, or the vividness of the colour – even when mixed with water. As a result, Scolamelt will go much further so you can save money for your school.

This type of acrylic also affords the artist greater versatility, with the ability to create 3D impasto textures similar to oil painting when used straight from the bottle, as well as a watercolour consistency when diluted with water. Whether staining, marbling or layering their work, children, students and hobbyists alike will adore experimenting with the wide range of techniques that these acrylics offer.

This paint has an opaque look that prevents colors underneath from showing through, and is highly visible for maximum intensity and impact. Opaque colors are ideal for underpainting, as well as correcting mistakes.

Thanks to the low viscosity, there will be no visible brush marks left behind in your work, instead providing a smoother finish that helps juxtaposing colors to blend more naturally.

As a super-metallic paint, this acrylic will dry to a strong lustre so all your work is left with a gentle sheen that glows, shines and shimmers in the light.

Ultimate Versatility
Acrylics can be applied to virtually any surface - as long as it doesn’t contain wax or oil. This means you are free to add an attractive, convincing metallic sheen to traditional fine art surfaces such as paper, board and canvas, as well as ceramics, concrete, wood or even plastic. This makes them ideal for mixed media or collage work, and perfect in classrooms where needs are versatile. In fact, these paints were specifically designed with children in mind, with non-toxic and fully intermixable properties.

The vivid Silver pigment is the perfect color for your Christmas crafts, as well as year-round use when depicting historical artefacts such as jewelry, swords and medals. The paint can be dispensed easily from the flip top cap on each bottle, and is generously sized to last the full festive season.

Suitable for children 36 months and older. Wheat, gluten and dairy free.

Each pack contains 6 x 150ml bottles: 2 x Gold, 2 x Silver, 1 x Bronze, 1 x Copper

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